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How to Preserve Privacy and Dignity in Home Care

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Privacy And Dignity


Privacy and dignity are two essential things in providing home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a senior citizen’s life. Although we are exposed to the personal lives of our clients, we must still ensure the preservation of these rights.

Keeping our senior clients’ privacy means we must not disclose any information about them to parties outside their homes and healthcare teams. Home health aides in Pennsylvania like us must not also meddle with private and family matters unless they hinder our care provision.

Preserving dignity means treating a person with respect and honor. We, the providers of in-home care services in Pennsylvania, must involve them in decision-making relating to their welfare and consider their preferences. Respect their personal space and maintain their independence, too.

Our caregivers at Meridian Home Care are attentive but not obtrusive. They observe professionalism at its finest while providing personal care, yet are compassionate, friendly, and easy to get along with. They will let you do the things you love as long as you are safe and convenient.

For inquiries about companion care, call us at 267-551-1088. We can help you start the road to healthy aging.


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