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Dispelling Prevalent Misconceptions About Dementia

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Misconceptions About Dementia


To offer the best possible care for a loved one with dementia, you should first understand the condition. We understand this isn’t always easy to achieve because of its complexity, which has given rise to myriad misconceptions. That’s why Meridian Home Care, a tried-and-true provider of home health care in Philadelphia, is here to lend you a hand!

As advocates of optimum senior care in Pennsylvania, we do everything we can to promote awareness of the needs and challenges of the aging population. Below, we address some of the most prevalent misconceptions about dementia and provide insights to clarify them:

  • Dementia is inevitable with aging.

    While the risk of developing dementia increases with age, it is not an innate or inevitable part of aging. Depending on individual risk factors, many seniors do not develop dementia.

  • Memory loss is the only outcome of dementia.

    Indeed, memory loss is a hallmark symptom of many forms of dementia, yet not the only one. People with dementia may also experience language problems and changes in mood or behavior, among many others. This is where the value of hiring home health aides in Pennsylvania lies, as they are adept at providing crucial assistance.

  • Dementia is solely a cognitive disorder.

    In actuality, dementia impacts general functioning. It can affect physical health, mobility, and the capacity to carry out daily activities. All of which may be challenging for one person to handle. In such cases, taking advantage of respite care services like ours can prove highly beneficial.

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