Companion care makes sure your loved one stays sharp and has someone to talk to and interact with.

Companion Care


Companion care is one of the most popular senior home care services. A caregiver keeps your loved one socially engaged at home, and can accompany them to visit friends or family, to social events, or to visit local sites. Outings don’t have to end because health complications make leaving the house difficult. Companion care for seniors gives them someone to socialize with, and gives your family someone to rely on.

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Homemaker Care

When you choose homemaker services, you’re choosing someone to take care of the little things -- freshly prepared meals, no obstacles in the hallways to trip over, and clean clothes to wear. If you’re looking into homemaking services, help usually means an extra hand with daily tasks. Homemaker services for the elderly, seniors, and disabled adults can be a full-time role, or  a few hours a week. Your time with your family is precious, and you shouldn’t have to spend it doing chores!

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Respite Care

Respite care for the elderly, seniors, disabled adults, and those with special needs can offer caregivers a chance to take a break from their situation. It’s meant to allow you to recharge emotionally and physically to avoid burnout. Respite care can include things like light housekeeping, personal care such as bathing or dressing, travel accompaniment to appointments, grocery shopping, errands, and more.

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